P. K. Work (Abaiyachi) is an American Indian Silversmith, and a Registered Artist with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  She began her silversmithing apprenticeship at the age of 19 under the tutelage of a Navajo master silversmith.  She has continued her own education in the metal arts to the present.

P. K. comes from an artistic family, and was raised appreciating and dabbling in the arts and continues to dabble to this day.  P. K.’s father and mother were both painters and contributed much to her early sense of artistic design and taste.   The home always contained art reference books and examples of art and art history.  She learned basketry and beading from her mother and grandmother while still in grade school, and stone carving as a teen from an older cousin.    P. K.’s younger days were also steeped in the fiber arts on both  the  Choctaw (Maternal) and Scottish (Paternal) sides of the family.  Her maternal grandmother taught her weaving and embroidery while her paternal grandmother taught her tatting, crochet, knitting and crewel work.  Her mother, a teacher by profession,  taught her basic hand sewing and started her on the sewing machine at the age of 11.

In college PK took one art course, but was concentrating on an education in the sciences.  Still the call of the arts was never far away, and required illustrations in Botany were a highlight of her first year at Oklahoma State University.

PK took up silversmithing while working in Colorado between University session, and never laid it down again.  Periodically she earned her living as a silversmith, but ultimately finished college with a degree major in Microbiology and worked in hazardous waste management for a number of years before returning to art full time.

For 17 years PK ran Work Web Design, a programming and Graphic Design business and worked on all phases of web development, graphic design, and computer based animations.  During that time, she created the Animated Traditional Choctaw Stories in English and Choctaw language, the first ever such animations produced for a Native American Tribe, by a tribal member.

During all her working years, PK continued silversmithing as a passion and a hobby, making numerous gifts for friends and family.  Occasionally she would enter a show.  After retiring, PK continued with her silversmithing and went back to teaching silversmithing in a local art center, spending time mentoring and teaching other smiths.

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